September 29, 2017  

246 East 4th Street, East Village,  N.Y 

6pm until 10 pm

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New York City Urban Artist

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Every genius has a little bit of insanity coursing through their veins.  Let that sink in while I go walk my pet rock.  I try and incorporate many techniques and various mediums when creating my style of art such as: graffiti, illustration, acrylic, oils, pencils and wheat pasting.    

I often try to interject humor, poetry and romance into most of my pieces.  My major influences  over the years have been Greg Craola Simkins, Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, Ron English, Robert Williams and the many graffiti artists I've had the pleasure of painting along side.  

 "If you can no longer leave your mark on a subway train or on the street you might as well leave it hanging in someone's living room".

                                            — Rodney PANIC Rodriguez